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Leader Estate Agents is made up of a team of experienced Real Estate Agents in Mernda who are passionate about their work. We will work hard to sell your property, adapting our process to your needs, whether that’s persisting with the sale until we achieve the best price, or selling your home as quickly as possible. If you’re looking to sell your home, block of land, apartment or townhome, get in touch with one of our real estate agents on 03 8103 2487.

Methods of Sale

When selling your home, there are three different sales methods that you can use and the most appropriate one will depend on the nature of your home. In Melbourne, the most popular methods of sale are auction and private sale; however, there are no fixed rules as to which types of property would be more suited to an auction, private sale or expression of interest. The team at Leader Estate Agents will work with you to determine the most appropriate sale method for your property based on the current market conditions, as well as what you feel comfortable with.

Selling your home by auction involves competitive bidding on a set date between multiple buyers, continuing until the best price is offered. A set auction date creates a sense of urgency and encourages potential buyers to act quickly, often suitable for properties predicted to have high buyer interest. An auction yields a definite sale if the reserve price is reached, but, in the event that it is not, the real estate agent can negotiate a suitable price with promising buyers.

Private Sale:
Selling your home via private sale is the most flexible option as it gives you more time to consider buyer’s offers. In a private sale, offers are made blindly without knowing what other buyers are prepared to pay for the property. This option is generally the most popular and cost- effective sales option as sellers do not have to pay for auctioneer fees, and advertising for private sales is often cheaper than advertising for auctions.

Expressions of Interest:
Expressions of Interest sales are designed for confident sellers who want to build intensity and urgency around their sale with a closing date, but without the pressure of an auction. Selling your home this way, you are able to let the market dictate the price buyers are prepared to pay, while keeping your asking price a secret.

Our Sales Process

When you choose to sell with Leader Estate Agents, you are putting your trust in a local agency that has reach and achieves best results in the area. Our experienced team are committed to getting the best price for your property and are here to assist in making the process as stress-free, rewarding and exciting as possible.

Instead of working for you, we like to work with you to ensure your goals are being met and that you can achieve the best price possible. We will listen to your needs and deliver accordingly. Over our 4 years of operation, and 18 years of industry experience, we have been able to create a refined sales process that ensures the best outcome for our clients.

When you get in contact with Leader Estate Agents, you will speak to one of our experienced real estate agents who will speak to you about the property you’re wanting to sell. From here, we will book a time for a team member to come and value your property, before presenting you with our recommended asking price and sales method. Of course, we will always listen to the sellers needs and make our final decisions based on this.


Following this, we will create a custom marketing strategy that is created based on the results you want to achieve, supported by tactics that are proven to work. Our team will consistently monitor your progress so that we can make changes based on what’s not working and replacing it with tactics that will help you achieve your goals.

Marketing materials used include:
∙ Property Board ∙ Photography ∙ Copywriting ∙ Floorplan
If you are interested in engaging Leader Estate Agents to help you sell your property, please get in touch with us on 03 8103 2487.

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